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AT&T Retail

Tablet UX design for  Wireless purchase flow in retail stores

Problem Statement

AT&T has been using a home-grown POS system for a long time. The current experience is complex.
It’s difficult to learn and easy to mess up.
It’s too rigid for retail interactions

Design Goal

Increase efficiency. Maximize sales. Leverage the investment in Salesforce apps.

Problem Statement




My Role

  • UX/UI Design and prototyping

  • User testing


Jan - Dec 2023


AT&T has made a large investment in Salesforce platform to replace their legacy sales systems. However, in order to benefit from the new ecosystem, there is a need to design various experiences from scratch with Salesforce capabilities in mind. This project is one of many in making that effort.

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I'm sorry ...

I cannot share more details for this project due to confidentiality concerns. Please feel free to reach out for a private session.

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