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About Me

In August of 2019 I landed in Austin to start my UX design journey.  Before that, I practiced design as an architect and interior designer and I loved it. At around 2015, when smartphones became prevalent and social media was dominating in making people busy, I started noticing the effect of digital experiences on the quality of life, spatial perceptions, and social communications and it was my starting point for learning about UX and Interaction design and found myself so passionate about rerouting my career path to designing for digital world!


What does motivate me?

Mastery, purpose, and autonomy are the key motivators of my life. Living in an era of rapid transformations and having a sense of curiosity combine to start a never ending journey. I have a passion for mastering skills and I love learning new tools and technologies and gaining a high-level understanding of the ideas behind them. I love to define a problem,  start ideating for solutions to that problem, and design a solution within a collaborative and iterative process. I need autonomy and trust to stay motivated and confident in this journey and try my best to earn it in the early stages.

What is my strength?

I always think of my critical thinking as my strength. I try to see a problem from various angles and gather and synthesize as much data as possible before getting into the solution space. That enables me to articulate the problem for myself and everyone in the team before seeking for a solution. I got the feedback from my teammates that I'm good at strategic thinking. 

In 2022 my employer, AT&T, paid for CliftonStrength test for our team and the results turned out to be in good alignment to what I imagine about myself and people around me tell me. Here is the overall result of that test:

What are my values?

I like to contribute in leaving the world a better place than I found it. Anything that helps educate people and keep them happy and motivated is of my type. I am an advocate of environmental sustainability, inclusive design and accessibility. I love to work on products that are in alignment with these values! 

Want to know more?

I believe you can know people better from the books that they read and they like to read. You can visit my Goodreads profile to see what I like to read and make me happy with  sharing yours!

Or a shorter path, shoot me an email at and we can start a friendly talk!

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