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About Me


Hey there! Picture this: August 2019, I touch down in Austin,TX, ready to kick off my adventure into UX design. Before that, I was flexing my design muscles as an architect and interior designer – good times, gotta say! Fast forward to around 2015, smartphones are everywhere, and social media is on a mission to keep everyone on their toes. That's when it hit me – the impact of digital experiences on life quality, how we see space, and even our chit-chats with pals. It sparked my curiosity, and bam! Enter UX and Interaction design. I found myself head over heels passionate about rerouting my career to dance with the digital world! 🚀✨

What does motivate me?

Life's a wild ride, and for me, it's all about the three musketeers: Mastery, purpose, and autonomy. Imagine living in this era of crazy transformations – it's like an open invitation to an everlasting adventure! I've got this insatiable curiosity that kicks off a journey with no final destination in sight.

Now, let's talk passion – I'm all about mastering skills. Learning new tools and technologies? Sign me up! I'm not just about the how-to; I love wrapping my head around the ideas behind them. Problem-solving is my jam. Throw a problem at me, and I'll dive into an ideation pool, cooking up solutions like it's a creative feast. And guess what? I'm all for doing it collaboratively and in an iterative dance.

Autonomy and trust are my sidekicks. To keep this motivation train chugging, I need the freedom to spread my wings and the trust to do my thing. I'm hustling hard to earn that autonomy right from the get-go. Let the journey continue!

What is my strength?

Alright, gather 'round for the tale of my superpower – critical thinking! I like to think of it as my secret sauce. When a problem shows up, I turn into a detective, checking it out from every possible angle. I'm like a data-gathering wizard, soaking in info before diving into the solution party. It's all about setting the stage, you know?

So, my teammates have this theory that I'm the grandmaster of strategic thinking. They might be onto something!

Now, in the thrilling year of 2022, AT&T decides to spice things up. CliftonStrength test time! Drumroll, please. The results roll in, and guess what? They're like a high-five from the universe, confirming that my self-image is right on the money. Here's the scoop on that test:

What are my values?

I'm on a mission to leave this world with a smiley face sticker! If it's all about making people wiser, happier, and pumped up, count me in. I'm like the cheerleader for good vibes.

Now, let's talk about my love affair with the planet. I'm the ultimate fan of environmental sustainability – Mother Earth's biggest hype person. Inclusive design and accessibility? Oh, they're my dynamic duo. I'm all about making sure everyone gets a front-row seat in the cool stuff.

Bring on the projects that dance to the beat of these values, and you've got yourself a happy camper right here! 🌍

Want to know more?

Ever think you can unravel the mysteries of a person by peeking at their bookshelf? Well, I do! Check out my Goodreads profile, and let's have a bookish bonding session. Spill the beans on your favorites, and let's make this a literary fiesta!

If you're in for the express route, drop me an email at Let the friendly banter begin! 📚😄

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