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Hi, I'm
the UX designer who is passionate about making experiences that bring people a smile, a moment of joy, and relief!

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This design project aims at facilitating to help people in need even if they don't ask for any help

Main Role: UX Designer

Summer 2020 Internship

at Sentier Strategic Resources


This design project aims at providing an intuitive experience for Type-2-Diabetes to log and track their health data

Main Role: UX/UI Design

UX Coursework - Spring 2020

at Dell Medical School


This design and development is a minimum viable experience for interior designers to prototype their designs in 1:1 scale using VR

Main Role: Interaction Design & Development

Passion Project 


This research and design project aims at exploring the effect of using AR with Hololens device on learning to work with a machine

My Role: Design and Development

Course Project Fall 2019

at iSchool IT Lab



Main Role: UX Designer

Full Time Employee

AT&T - Design Technology Team

That's it for now!

I’m continuously improving my work so please check back for more updates.

If you are interested in architecture, you can take a look at some of my architecture works at and

In the meantime, If you want someone to talk about your design ideas, a foodie to explore new spicy cuisines, or just a good listener, Get in touch!

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